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1. Body weight is used for estimation of allowed sweat loss

2. Carbohydrate intake: If you are used to take in carbohydrate you can cope with more. If you are not, it is better to avoid higher intakes.

3. Caffeine: If sensitive to caffeine use no caffeine or smaller amounts.

4. Sweat rate: We recommend to measure your sweat rate but an estimation is a good first step. 

In order to properly personalize a nutrition plan for you, we need to know a bit about you.

Knowing your body weight and having an indication about sweat rate allow us to tailor hydration appropriately.

Understanding the extent to which carbohydrates and are part of your daily intake and extent to which carbohydrates are part of your training will indicate how well your gut can handle carbohydrates. The gut is trainable but if you have little carbohydrate in your diet it may be more difficult to absorb larger amounts of carbohydrate. 


If you are sensitive to caffeine we would recommend reducing or minimising the intake. 

It's possible to learn more about each of these questions in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

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