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With this blog, we hope to keep you up on all the latest news, stories about athletes, latest features, and also the latest nutrition science (under The science > Nutrition articles). 


There's always interesting stuff going on.   Often, it's a great conference or interview with Asker about nutrition.  Sometimes it's how CORE is being used. And keep an eye out here for partnerships.  Check News for the latest.

Athlete Stories

There are all sorts of athletes using CORE.  Some are pro-tour riders, others do charity rides.  Some are professional triathletes, others are trying their first middle distance (70.3 mi) or long distance (140.6 mi) triathlon.  Some are top marathoners, and others are looking to PR or even just finish a half, full or even ultramarathon. 

What they all have in common is that they know nutrition is critical.  And they all use CORE to ensure they get the most out of their training and races. 


As we introduce new features, we'll be sure to note those on the features blog.  This could include smaller features (like custom carbohydrate targets) or major new capabilities (like a Coaching Edition).  From time to time we'll also update about nutrition products.

All Posts

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