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CORE makes it easy to get a ready made nutrition plan for your activity. You can use your own sports nutrition products or the brands that are offered in races. This plan will help you to perform at your best. 


Jef van Meirhaeghe 

Pro cyclist


“…I can't tell you how good it felt to run well at the end of a race, without feeling that my stomach might sabotage me!”


Emma Pooley

8 World Championship, Olympic and Commonweath Games medals and 2x World Long Distance Duathlon Champion

Having worked with Asker to develop my personal race nutrition strategy whilst completing as a professional triathlete I’m really pleased that his expertise will be available for athletes the world over in the form of this app. 

Chrissie Wellington

4 time Ironman World Champion

“This tool will be a great step towards preventing many of the unnecessary medical issues we see in marathon runners”



George Chiampas

Medical Director Chicago Marathon

“Amazing!  It is exactly what elite and recreational athletes need: practical recommendations to optimize their performance, based on solid scientific evidence. 


Mireia Porta

Nutritionist Barcelona

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