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The science of CORE

One of the co-founders of CORE, professor Asker Jeukendrup is one of the leading researchers in the field of sports nutrition. He published over 200 research papers on the topic and many of the findings have gone into the development of CORE.

This page directs you to the most important research papers and you can download a summary of the guidelines for various endurance events. Under the science of CORE you will also find some more background information and explanations about why and how CORE works!

Nutrition guides

Here you will find nutrition guides for marathon and half marathon and also a nutrition training guide that helps you "train your nutrition" in the weeks leading up to an event. 

Nutrition articles

Here you can find background information on the key aspects of endurance sports nutrition.  The most important topics are fueling with carbohydrates and hydrating properly (along with measuring sweat rate to allow CORE to determine what "proper" is for you).  There's also info on caffeine, which is the best legal performance enhancing drug.  For those of you wrestling with gastrointestinal issues (GI), there's also reference material on the causes of GI issues and solutions.


This page provides a selection of publications used in the development of CORE. Some papers have links so you can download the original papers. 

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