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Coaching getting started

If you are interested in using CORE for coaching, please send a request to join our beta testing of the coaches edition to requesting to join the beta testing.  Be sure to also to have your own account set up in CORE first (the free account is fine; the coaching edition will provide premium access for your own account).  

Once you have your account set up and we've turned on the coaching feature, you can start coaching right away following these steps.  Click on any of the items below for help on that topic

  1. Set up your coaching organization 

  2. Create your coaching profile

  3. Invite athlete(s)

  4. Plan nutrition for your athletes

For the athlete... (help pages coming soon)

  1. Accept a coaching invite

  2. See your coach's profile

Other coaching activities (help pages coming soon)

  1. Manage your subscription

  2. Invite other coaches

  3. Set up teams

  4. Edit athlete's profile

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