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Invite athletes

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Once you have created your organization, you can begin to invite athletes.  It's a simple as clicking on "+Add your first athlete."  You can also add additional athletes at any time by clicking on "+Add an athlete."

The same idea applies for inviting a coach.  Just select the coaches tab.

To invite an athlete, just send an e-mail to the athlete at the e-mail address they used for their CORE account. 

Inviting a coach is the same.

After sending the invite, you can view pending invites.  If you sent an invite to the wrong e-mail address, you can delete the invite and resend, so no worries.

You can also see pending invites for coaches in the same way.

After the athletes have accepted your invite, you will see your athletes in your organization.  Here you can upgrade/downgrade their subscription and can enable planning with carbohydrates over 60g/hr (this requires confirmation that you understand about proper glucose:fructose ratio.) 

Now it's time to do nutrition planning for your athlete(s).

Next help topic: Plan nutrition for your athlete(s)

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