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My Plan

Although your first plan may be generated with products available on course you can now add your own products and personalize as much as you like.

Especially for running events it is important to take note of the feed stations (icons have dotted lines).

1. Planner: Each line in your plan represents one product. Click on the time line to add or remove products.

Dotted lines for icons mean that these products are available on course.

2. Distance/time is indicated above and below your plan.

3. Gauges for hydration and carbohydrate are your guide to an optimal nutrition plan.

4. Hourly targets Your plan needs to give you the right amount of nutrition for the entire event, but also each hour needs to be sport on. Click these hourly targets to see how your plan stacks up each hour. 

5. Nutrition plan summary Gives you the details of your nutrition plan

6. Legend Explains what each icon represents (amounts).

Gauges for hydration and carbohydrate are your guide to an optimal nutrition plan. 

Nutrition: Add and remove nutrition products by clicking the time line.

Each line in our plan represents one product and you can place these products on your timeline by clicking on the right location/time. You can remove products by clicking. If you are placing cups on your timeline you can choose 1 or 2 cups or remove them with 1, 2 or 3 clicks. 

As you remove and add products the gauges will be updated. For example if you add water the hydration dial will move but the carbohydrate dial won't. If you add a sports drink, both dials will move. Your goal is to get the dials in the dark green target area. 

This target area is likely different for every individual and for every event. Your goal is to get the dials right on target. Try to stay away from orange, red or purple!  If you want to know what the colours represent click here.

Of course it is important that you have the right amount of fluids and carbohydrates for the entire event or training, but it is also important to avoid under or overfueling during all parts of the event. therefore the app allow you to check each hour against the targets. Click on the lights below the plan and the dials will switch to the targets for the hour your selected. 

It's possible to learn more about each of these questions in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

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