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Why is weather important?

Weather is a driver of nutrition needs; mainly fluids. In hotter and more humid conditions you sweat more and will need to drink more to stay hydrated. Therefore accurate weather predictions for your event are important. 

How does CORE use weather?

CORE uses accurate weather forecasts (via Dark Sky) based on the location of your race and the time the race will take place. It will calculate the average temperatures during the event you participate in. You can override this on the My Event page by entering a different temperature. 

How accurate are the predictions?

The accuracy of the prediction is dependent on time. Dark Sky uses multiple weather sources to come up with the most accurate forecast. The accuracy improves the closer you get to your event. When the events is several weeks away, historical data is used. 8 days before the event, the data will come from mid range forecasts and 2 days before the event from the most accurate immediate forecasts. 

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