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"We believe that nutrition is at the core of every performance".

How it works

Create your personalized nutrition plan for your race or training  

CORE takes the guess work out of nutrition.

All CORE nutrition plans are based on science

How it works

You provide us with information about you, your event and your preferences and we will do the rest!

We provide the science and personalise your nutrition plan.

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Fuel preferences Tolerances


Course nutrition

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What users think

… this will revolutionize tailored sports nutrition planning for the better


Chrissie Wellington

4 time Ironman World Champion

...the result even first time round was terrific: no GI issues, no cramp, no dehydration - for the first time in a race in far too long!

Emma Pooley

8 World Championship, Olympic and Commonweath Games medals and 2x World Long Distance Duathlon Champion

As an athlete you have to challenge yourself every day...CORE helps you to make that challenge successful for every day

Andre Greipel

Professional cyclist Lotto Soudal

Winner 11 stages Tour de France 

Key features

Key features

Plan your nutrition

Let CORE build a nutrition plan for your next big race or training. Answer a few questions about your goals and event. Receive a detailed evidence based plan.



Training & competition

CORE is not just for racing. It is designed to support your training. Plans are tailored to your goals: 
training hard, burning fat or avoiding GI problems.



Race nutrition info

Analyse and improve

Analyze your nutrition. Find out what works best for you. Keep refining your nutrition plans and learn how nutrition improves your performance. 


Find products

A CORE nutriton plan takes into account your physiology, your preferences and tolerances,  information about your training or race and the weather.


CORE partners with races globally and builds your plan based on what is available on course in addition to the products you take with you.

Use your favourite drinks, gels and bars. Quickly find the productwith the right composition, ingredients and flavours. Choose from hundreds of products.

What CORE can do for you 

Avoid dehydration

Dehydration can affect performance and adequate fluid intake is important. Everyone sweats differently and therefore fluid intake recommendations are 

different for everyone. 



No athlete wants to fatigue early. Running out of fuel is usually preventable. CORE will guide you, based on your individual needs.


Avoid hitting the wall

Better performance

A professional nutrition plan will help you to perform better by fuelling you based on the latest science.



Avoid overhydration

Dehydration can be a problem, but overhydration can be even more dangerous. CORE will guide you to make sure you drink enough, but not too much. 



Removes guess work

With a CORE plan you can rest assured that your nutrition is safe and successful. CORE helps you to plan in advance, so you dont need to worry the days before a race. You know your plan works!



Gastro-intestinal (GI) issues are very common and often nutrition related. They are often preventable and a good plan can reduce the risk considerably.   



Minimizes GI issues

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