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Set up your coaching organization

Create Organization.png

In order to do nutrition coaching in CORE, you will need to set up a coaching organization.  The coaching organization is where you will invite and manage athletes, create and manage teams, or invite other coaches if your coaching organization has multiple coaches.

To set up your coaching organization, first go to your settings and then select "Coaching".  There you can click on the link "Start a new organization".

Organization Profile.png

Next you will see the form to the left where you need to provide an organization name and can optionally provide website, logo, and address.

After completing the form, select "Save" to create the coaching organization.  You will then be asked to complete payment information.

You can revisit the Settings > Coaching menu at any time to edit your organization, updating information, logo address, or the billing card info.

Now you are ready to add your coaching profile and invite athletes.

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