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Now it's time to tell athletes a bit about you as a coach.  To do this, select "Edit coaching profile."

There are 5 main sections to the coaching profile.  In the near future, this information will be posted in the find-a-coach section (if you opt in).

1. Profile photo: This helps personalize your coaching profile, putting a face with your name.  This should be a picture of you as a coach.  Click "Choose File" to upload an image.  You can update as often as you like.  Note that the coaching organization's logo should go on the organization profile image, not here.

2. About me: Here is the place to share a bit about yourself, whether it's about your experience as a coach or athlete, educational background, or other things that you feel may be important.  This is free text block with some formatting options (bold, italics, underline) as well as bulleted or numbered lists, etc. to help make it easy to read.  (Note, be sure to look down the page to see that there is special space provided for coaching philosophy, sports, and credentials.)


3. Coaching Philosophy: Here you get to tell the athletes how you coach.  This is free text block with the same formatting options as above (bold, italics, underline) as well as bulleted or numbered lists, etc. to help make it easy to read. 

4. Sports: Tell athletes what sports you coach.  This will be very useful for helping athletes match with coaches on the find-a-coach feature.

5. Coaching Credentials: identify your credentials here.  This is important so athletes can be sure to match your credentials with their needs.  If the list is missing credential options, please shoot us an e-mail and tell us what we need to add; the best e-mail address is ( .

Now you're ready to invite athletes to your coaching organization.

The next help is Invite athlete(s) 

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