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My Event

1. Name your plan for your event or training

2. Goal Nutrition needs are highly dependent on your goal. Personal best, completing the distance? Burning fat?

3. Temperature Weather conditions can have a huge impact on fluid requirements and other nutrition needs

4. Time to complete the distance is important to determine the intensity and is an important driver of your fuel requirements. 

Understanding the event is important, especially the duration of the event and the intensity. It is also crucial to know what your goal is. If you are looking for a personal best (personal record), than the requirements are a bit different then when your goal is fat burning or completing the distance. This tool can also be used for training as well as racing, and in training you may have different goals: burning fat, nutritional training (adapting the gastro-intestinal system) or train low (training with low carbohydrate availability). 

All these details about your event, and how you will approach it, will influence the recommendations. 


It's possible to learn more about each of these questions in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

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