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My Fuel

1. Hydration slider

2. Course Nutrition products that will be available on course. You can select these if you want to use them.

3. Other Nutrition Products select your preferred products here.

4. My Fuel This is the total list of products you will use in your event or training.

These products will be available in your nutrition plan.

Click to deselect.

If you are planning for an event that provides nutrition on course, your first pan is generated with water, sports drink and gels available on course. You can then swap these products for your own and personalize as much as you like. (See planner).

Hydration Preference

This  slider allows you to indicate the proportion of water versus sports drink that you prefer for your nutrition plan.  You can choose to use 100% water (all blue), 100% sports drink (all yellow), or any proportion in between.

It's possible to search for products in Other Nutrition Products by typing part or all of a name, flavor, etc.  In the near future CORE will have a more comprehensive product search, review, and compare capability.

To learn more about each of these topics, check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Note: Currently when a plan is automatically created for you, this will be based on nutrition available on course and you can then swap these products with your own.  Soon CORE will support creating plans with user-provided nutrition (Other Nutrition Products).  In any case, CORE will not use any products with caffeine for automatic plan generation; this is to ensure that the athlete incorporates caffeine only to the extent the athlete desires.

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