Estimate your sweat rate

Knowledge is power. measure your sweat and know how much is best to drink. It is easier than you think! A few simple measurements and you ge

Dream big - Achieve your dreams

Twenty-five years ago I completed my first long distance triathlon. A 3.8k swim (2.6 ml), 188km (117 ml) and a 42km (26 ml) run in the South of France. It was (and still is) one of the hardest triathlons on the planet. The event called Embrunman takes place in the French Alps, the battleground of the Tour de France that includes a true mountain pass (Col d’Izoard). A good friend of mine and training partner had entered the race and as his cycling buddy he asked me to join him in his preparation for the race. So we drove to in Embrun in an old beaten-up red Vauxhall. We camped not too far from the start of the race in the beautiful mountains of the Southern Alps. We went out in the morning on

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