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  • Bill Braun

Jill Cordes PRs Chicago Marathon with CORE

Sports: Swimming, Triathlon, Running, Cycling (if I must)

Age: 25-29

Profession: Healthcare (Master in Public Health)

Location: Madison, WI, USA

Race Experience

I am a former swimmer turned triathlete/runner; I compete in IronMan, Half IronMan, marathon, and half marathon races.

CORE Moment(s)

I’ve used CORE for multiple races including IM Wisconsin 2016, Boston Marathon 2017, and most recently Chicago Marathon 2017. CORE helped me perform better in all races, but the Chicago Marathon was the standout race!

I've never felt so good at the end of a marathon! So much energy left at the end! Nutrition was 100% perfect! Used my pace band / nutrition plan so much to stay on track. CORE helped me set a personal record, beating my prior marathon best by 10 minutes and turning in a 3:19:07.

I also love CORE because it allows me to enjoy a post-race beer and meal without any GI issues.

Before CORE (BC)

Probably my worst experience with nutrition was following a friend’s guidance in a half IronMan race in Europe. This friend told me to take one gel each mile on the run. You can imagine that by mile 9 I wasn’t feeling so good; hardly a surprise knowing now that 8 gels in little over an hour was close to 800 calories (or 200g of carbs) per hour. Yikes! At mile 9 I stopped the gels, eased up pace a bit, and then finished the race not feeling so great. Looking back, it’s amazing how much bad nutrition guidance is floating around!


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